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"Know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free"
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Becoming an American State National
  ⭐  Credential Information (1 copy for Recorder only)
  ⭐  1779-Declaration Americans_RecSec (2 copies - 1 for Recorder and 1 for You)
  ⭐  Witness Affirmation Form 2x2_RecSec (4 copies - 2 witnesses - 1 copy for Recorder and one for You)
  ⭐  Letter of Intent and Conduct (1 copy for Recorder)
  ⭐  Cover Letter for Secretary-of-State 2021 (3 copies 1 for Recorder 1 for You 1 for mailing)
  ⭐  Declaration of Political Status RecSec (3 copies 1 for Recorder 1 for You and 1 for mailing)
  ⭐  Vetting Topics Questionnaire
  ⭐  Passport photo
  ⭐  Clear Thumbprint on Credential Sheet (red ink)
  ⭐  Birth Certificate (1 really clear copy)
As American State Nationals and American State Citizens, we do not pay taxes.

You will need to send your Letters of Revocation of Election to Pay Taxes to the IRS Commissioner at 2 different addresses. Washington DC and Holtsville New York.

See the Templates here:    §   Link - revocation-of-election-to-pay-taxes

You will need to send registered mail with a green return receipt card. If you need to learn how to do this, please read the articles outlined in the https: address above.

Once you receive back the green return receipt cards and the registered mail numbers, you have the evidence.

Make copies of this to provide to your Recording Secretary for their records as well.

In light and love,

Gabrielle McAfee

Recording Secretary of The Utah Assembly
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    Juror Qualifications and Membership  
    The List:  
  ⭐     Proof of American Nationality  
  ⭐     Proof of Identity  
  ⭐     Act of Expatriation from Territorial or Municipal Citizenship  
  ⭐     Recorded Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Re-Conveyance of Trade Name  
  ⭐     Recorded Declaration of Permanent Domicile of the Trade Name on the Land and Soil of the State  
  ⭐     Recorded Certificate of Assumed Names/NAMES claiming ownership and declaring permanent domicile of all Names/NAMES used by or associated with the Juror  
  ⭐     Step One: Require Birth Certificates or public documents that adequately establish the location where each candidate Juror was born, or in the case of those people claiming their nationality via parents/grandparents, similar documentation establishing the parents/grandparents place of birth and political status as American State Nationals.  
  ⭐     Step Two: Require the direct corroboration of at least two (2) people who have reasonable first hand knowledge allowing them to attest that the candidate Juror is the man or woman whose birth and parentage is established by the records being presented in Step One. This can be done via the direct testimony of the Witnesses or via their written testimony under penalty of perjury. The Witnesses must sign and give their contact information in either case. Typically, Witnesses will be family member or old family friends who have known the family and the potential Juror a long time.  
  ⭐     Step Three: Once you have established that you have an eligible Juror who qualifies as a birthright American, the candidate must confirm his agreement to formally expatriate from British Territorial Citizenship and also from any Municipal United States Citizenship conferred upon him or her, and sign a Witnessed Act of Expatriation formally claiming their Nationality from their State of Origin or to their Inherited State of Origin (in the case of those claiming via parents and grandparents). This will be one of the States in existence prior to 1860 and may or may not be the same State as the State where the Jural Assembly is taking place — or as we shall see, even different from the “State” where they were actually born.  
  ⭐     Step Four: Candidates for theFirst InitiatingJural Assembly must be:

  1. at least 21 years of age,

  2. white,

  3. males

  4. landowners in the State. This is because we are restoring and updating from 1860, a time long prior to the 18 year-old age of majority and votes for women and colored people. At the initial meeting it is highly recommended that those initiating members open up the Jural Assembly membership to include women and colored people as Electors and Jurors. It is also recommended that they retain the Age of Majority at 21 and the landowner requirements, as they are in place to guarantee a membership having familiarity with life beyond High School and also, as landowners, having a firm attachment to the State and reason to work for its overall benefit.
  ⭐     Step Five: Although an informed Act of Expatriation witnessed by two or more people should be sufficient evidence of will and intent in the matter of political status, it is not in itself sufficient to establish ownership of our Good Names (also known as Trade Names and Given Names) and Estates which must be unencumbered and untangled from the morass of false presumptions, conferred political statuses, and false claims that have been amassed against our true identities. Therefore it is prudent and wise for each candidate Juror to formally seize upon, acknowledge, accept, and re-convey their Trade Name (Upper and Lower Case: John Paul Jones, for example) and to declare and record its permanent domicile on the land and soil of their home or birth State. This is a process akin to re-flagging a ship under new ownership and provides evidence of transfer of ownership interest and obligations of law to an actual State of the Union, instead of a Territorial State of State of Municipal STATE OF STATE. Instructions for this are posted at www.annavonreitz.com, Article 928.

The reasons for taking this step are:

  1. to secure the ownership interest in one’s own Name, and therefore, create the basis for claiming back one’s own ESTATE and control over one’s own affairs;

  2. to prevent any interference from or claims by Federal Agents allowing them to address us or our Jural Assemblies under false pretenses;

  3. to assure that the actions of our Jural Assemblies are unassailable.

If we have a twelve man jury and even one of them can still be mis-characterized as a British Territorial or Municipal “Citizen” the deliberations and validity of the jury as a whole can be questioned, as our States do not allow Dual Citizenship. Please underline that fact.

The Federales both Territorial and Municipal allow Dual Citizenship, but the American States do not.
  ⭐     Step Six: For the same reason as those cited above with respect to Trade Names, it is also highly recommended and desirable for candidate Jurors to seize upon and declare a permanent domicile for the Municipal NAMES that have been conferred upon us using the Certificate of Assumed Name Form (Article 928 on my website) and including every possible variation of every name ever used by or associated with them including Married Names, Pen Names, Performer Names, etc. You should include any business names and as many styles and permutations and punctuations of your name as you can think of as well as the general claim for “all, any and sundry variations, combinations, abbreviations, punctuations, orderings, styles and representations of any name, Name, or NAME associated with you, your Trade Name, or your business enterprises in any jurisdiction of law whatsoever.”  
  ⭐     Step Seven: It is advisable that a copy of the Territorial/Municipal Birth Certificate be returned and cancelled via proper signature “without recourse” and dated and returned to the US Secretary of the Treasury and the US Secretary of State along with a Form 56 designating one and/or both as Fiduciary for the PERSON. Again, this covers the bases regarding any presumed Dual Citizenship and denies any conflict of interest on the part of potential Jurors. It also makes the Fiduciaries responsible for Good Faith administration of these ACCOUNTS and the bookkeeping and payments related to them — relieving the rest of us of any such duty or obligation.

False “citizenships” have been arbitrarily “conferred” on you based on a false presumption that you or have ever been “stateless”, seeking to obligate you and seize upon your assets as collateral backing the debts of the perpetrators of this scheme, so it is important for your own sakes as well as the proper and unquestionable functioning of the Jural Assembly for you to return these false “gifts” whence they came. This further proves up and gives evidence of your intent to be free of any claim of foreign “personhood” and your equal determination to reclaim your status as one of the “people” of this country.
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